Debbie Brubaker-Producer & Budget Writer

An Oscar Winning Producer

Debbie brings her dynamic career to our table. Her expertise spans around the globe successfully completing a diverse genre of projects.  

A Solid Track Record Since 1999

  1.  12/24, VFX Feature Film, Netflix, VFX Unit SF – UPM, 2018
  2. 2018 Sorry To Bother You, Feature Film, Line Producer, 2017-18 2019 Oscar Winner!!! Congrats Debbie!!!
  3.  Porsche Projects I & II, Producer, 2016 
  4.  Cosmos: Possible Worlds, Nat.Geo/Fox, UPM, 2018 
  5.  McDonalds Italy, commercial spots, Producer, 2015 

Expert Budget Writer

In her own words: "I can creatively plan any production big or small, local or abroad in great detail, quick and efficiently and keep my sense of humor. Creating Budgets is my expertise. I love working with creative people and can keep everything on track. I can save your buns if you need to get it done on time and on budget. "